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    From text A, the father in the family has two opposite personality. He is a cheerful
    person in his workplace however when come to home, he misbehaves. In line 21, ?he was like
    the scotch in the smooth, happy machine of the home?. In line 51, ?They united with in the

    His son felled that his father does even bothers about him and the family. However in line
    25, stated that he would dearly have liked the children to talk to him, but they could

    From text C, the problem occurs from the son, Albert. He is a kind like to show a
    rebellion to his mother. He feels that he own his freedom. He can do whatever wants. Just
    because he is the only person his mother life, she tend to chow how much she care about

    In my opinion, Albert may be overshadowed by his late father whom I feel behave strictly

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