Communication Climate Essay

  • Communication Climate

    Communication Climate

    I have found that the communication climate at the company I have worked for the last
    seven years is a combination of bureaucratic, human and system theories.

    As the company sets the control by establishing rationale rules that regulate the entire
    organization, written documents like organizational charts, corporate manuals, operating
    instructions, job descriptions and so on, establish the law of the land virtually for all

    This makes bureaucratic theory the most visible structure of
    communication, since it goes downward, the instruction comes
    from management and most of the time the respond is by providing a report or chart that
    indicates the direction or result desire for the specific task.

    When most of the communication is vertical, there is
    horizontal communication activity in the organization, must of this taken place between
    groups that depends from one another and from employees which design and plan the
    different task in which the groups are currently working.

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