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    CASE tools

    CASE Tools

    What are CASE Tools ?

    Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools provide automated support for many of the systems
    analysis and design methods available to the information systems developer.

    CASE tools provide an environment which automates many time-consuming aspects of the systems
    development process,

    drawing and redrawing diagrams
    cross checking usage of elements across the system model
    generation of system documentation
    generation of code structures and database schemas

    What are the benefits of CASE tools?

  • Less effort spent on document administration, such as redrafting diagrams increased quality from
    extensive cross checking provided in CASE tools subsequent potential for reduction in end-to-end system
    development time automated system documentation generation .
    History on CASE Tools
    Since the early days of writing software, there has been an awareness of the need for automated
    tools to help the software developer. Initially the concentration was on program support tools such as
    translators, compilers, assemblers, macro processors, and linkers and loaders. However, as computers
    became more powerful and the software that ran on them grew larger and more complex, the range of
    support tools began to expand. In particular, the use of interactive time-sharing systems for software
    development encouraged the development of program editors, debuggers, code analyzers, and program-
    pretty printers.

    As computers became more reliable and in greater use, the need for a broader notion of software
    development became apparent. Software development came to be viewed as:

    ?A large-scale activity involving significant effort to establish requirements, design an appropriate solution,
    implement that solution, test the solution's correctness, and document the functionality of the final system.

    ?A long-term process producing software that requires enhancement through out its lifetime. The
    implications of this are that the structure of the software must enable new functionality to be added easily,

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